The Babysitter

(The Cry, #3)

by Sebastian Willman

Originally Published on: December 1, 2020

The Cry 3.jpg

Book Synopsis

Evelyn Davies agrees to babysit young Tommy while his parents are out for a week. Little does she know that it would be the most terrifying week she has ever lived. What looks like a typical attic in the house, hides creepy secrets, only waiting to be uncovered gradually, as she finds things stored in there that directly relates to her past.

A five-day stay in the house goes difficult as she runs into nightmarish experiences, which include clocks stopping at specific times, strangers visiting the house while she is alone and getting hit by paper-balls without anyone throwing them. The story also takes readers in flashback, hinting on the life of a police inspector working on a series of murder cases that have roots in a ten-year-old incident, where a girl was killed by her father.

The final instalment of THE CRY...

Word Count: 25500 (approx.)

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