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A fine morning turns into a horrifying day when Inspector Philip Haywood starts investigating a suicide case. A week of leave from the work to enjoy with his wife turns out to be the most hectic and terrifying seven days of his life. The reason? A little girl wearing a red dress.

Brutal deaths, broken expensive objects found beside the corpses, and similar-looking papers with childish handwriting on them - these make the town inspector join hands with a London inspector Edward Adams and reinvestigate a ten year old case of the murder of a six year old girl. But Philip finds himself always accompanied by someone. He cannot see her, he cannot touch her. But he can hear her cry...

With so much happenings and so less people to rely on, Philip needs to find out the mastermind behind those atrocious deeds. But as he advances, he uncovers some horrifying truths...

The whole series tells the story of an unfortunate little girl, and a countryside police inspector who comes to town and unearths shocking revelations.

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