A Book of Tales 2: From Horror to Humour

by Sebastian Willman

Originally Published on: June 10, 2019

A Book of Tales 2.jpg

Book Synopsis

A book of Tales, back again with new stories, new twists and new thrills. But the suspense remains...

Four stories, four ways to encounter thrill. From a car chase down the streets of Europe, to an Indian village football match that has a sense of mystery in it. From a serial killer killing six brothers one by one, to a lost young girl being chased by a bunch of goons. The atmosphere is just not right for a peaceful living. Until the curtains fall in the end. How? That is the answer only readers will know.

A collection of four short stories, packed with action, adventure, mystery, crime, thrill, suspense, twists, humour and yes, lots and lots of entertainment.

Word count: 32000 (approx)