A Book of Tales: Behind the Normality and other stories

by Sebastian Willman

Originally Published on: June 5, 2018

A Book of Tales.jpg

Book Synopsis

Six stories, one word -- thrill...

From a pirate gang wrecking a cargo ship to a bloodstained personal diary of a dead young boy -- this book is full of goosebumps.
Featured story :- Behind the Normality: When Anubhav's cousin Abhilash dies due to a sudden heart-attack, people think that it is a normal death. But Anubhav is not convinced - he continues to search for the truth. The narrator, Anubhav's friend, does not support him at first, but then things go wrong. From a note of threat to a murder in the next house, the series of events that take place later on changes the narrator's ways of thinking. Was Abhilash Shetty murdered? If so, who killed him? Is it related to Anubhav's past life - related to what his father did once?

1. The Conspiracy
2. The Saltwater's Offerings
3. The Shelter of Horror
4. The Game of Deductions
5. Frenemy
6. Behind the Normality